Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

The Basehor Police Department employs one Animal Control Officer, who works in conjunction with patrol officers to enforce the City's animal control ordinance. The officers can issue citations for violations of city ordinance to include, but not limited to, violations of the leash laws, failure to vaccinate and register cats and dogs, as well as investigate reports of abused and neglected animals.

Animal Control Ordinance

The following is a summary of the Animal Control Ordinance:

All dogs and cats over six months of age must have and wear a City pet tag. You may purchase a pet tag at the Police Department, upon providing a certificate from your veterinarian showing the dog/cat is current with the rabies vaccination. The license must be renewed annually. The tag must be on the dog/cat at all times.

No dogs/cats are allowed to run at large. An animal running at large may be impounded and a citation issued to the owner. If the animal is impounded, the owner of the animal will pay all boarding costs assessed during the time of the impoundment. If the animal is found to be without City tags the animal will not be released until the owner has purchased a City tag for the animal(s). All pets must be confined to their owner's property by a leash, pen or in the owner's home, but never running loose. Dogs and cats are not allowed on school grounds. Any animal in heat must be confined in a closed building. Dogs and cats are not allowed to destroy property.

Owners shall provide humane care for their animals such as food, water, shelter, exercise, and medical care by a veterinarian as needed. Every owner shall have control over their animal so it does not become a public nuisance, such as barking excessively, running at large, destroying property, chasing vehicles, etc. No one will have more than 4 pets without the consent of the city official.

There will be no riding, walking or leading any horse, mule, etc. on sidewalks within the City limits.

If your dog or cat bites or attacks a person or another animal, it must be impounded for a period of not less than ten days (or deemed necessary by the court) with all boarding costs going to the owner. 

  1. Ashley Webb

    Animal Control Officer