Paving for Progress


The condition of the City’s streets was identified as the third highest priority for improvements in the 2019 City of Basehor Citizen Satisfaction Survey. 

In January of 2022, the City’s Governing Body authorized the Basehor Complete Street Inventory Project. This initiative called for the inventory and assessment of all Basehor streets to create a long-term maintenance and improvement plan to support current infrastructure as well as accommodate future growth.

Following the assessment of the City’s streets by a neutral third-party, every Basehor street was then assigned a rating based on their condition. The results of the streets’ assessment can be seen here:

Pie chart

Road Classifications

The complete roadway assessment report can be found by clicking here:

A 5-Year pavement management plan, Paving for Progress, was then created that would not only provide for the reconstruction of poor and failed roads but would also include maintenance for good-rated streets to preserve them and prolong their life span. 

It was identified that there is a significant cost savings by applying restoring methods early in a street’s lifecycle and keeping good roads properly maintained versus delaying maintenance and creating costly reconstruction in the future. 

By implementing strategic preservation techniques, many years of useful life can be added to a street’s lifespan at a substantial cost savings versus costly postponed maintenance and reconstruction. The City’s Paving for Progress plan would implement these preservation techniques while simultaneously reconstructing the streets that have deteriorated past the point of restoration. 

Surfacing options 

The City of Basehor’s Governing Body has authorized years 1 and 2 of the 5-year Paving for Progress plan, permitting $2.4 million in road improvements. These improvements began with curb repairs that were completed at the end of 2023 and will continue with street and curb repairs that will take place throughout 2024.

Years 3 through 5 would have been funded if the 1% general citywide sales tax had been approved in June 2023. Since the vote for the 1% general citywide sales tax did not pass, the budget currently includes modest roadway improvements over a longer period of time than the proposed 5-Year Paving for Progress plan.

An online interactive map will be coming soon that will demonstrate each street’s rating and also identify which streets are scheduled for improvements. More information on the interactive map and where to view it will be shared in the coming weeks.