Judgement of the Court

The Verdict

The verdict of the Judge will be based on the testimony which sounds most reasonable and on the facts presented during the trial. In making the determination the Judge can consider testimony of any witness under oath. If you are found not guilty by the Judge the case is closed and you will owe no fines. If you are found guilty by the Judge, the Judge will announce the penalty and you should be prepared to pay the fine at that time. However, you may be granted an extension of 10 working days to appeal the ruling of the Judge.

Right to Appeal

If you are not satisfied with the judgment of the Court, you have the right to appeal your case to the Leavenworth County District Court. If you do appeal the Judge's judgment, you must file a written notice of appeal with the Clerk of the District Court within 14 days of the date of judgment. After filing your appeal you will be assigned a new court date to appear in the Leavenworth County District Court for a new arraignment date. After arraignment another date will then be scheduled for a completely new trial before a different judge or jury in the Court.